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  • Testimonial:
    The encouragement my son has received throughout his time at St Teresa’s and support with his work has been very pleasing. Staff are always friendly and approachable.

    Parent of Yr6 pupil Spring Survey 2012

  • Testimonial:
    “Teachers know their children well and so are able to set work that effectively challenges different groups. Children make good progress reaching levels of attainment that meet and are above national expectation by the time they leave school…..

  • disabled pupils and those with special educational needs make good progress and achieve well…….
    parents are positive about the progress their children make.”

    Ofsted (October 2012)

  • Testimonial:
    Both my children love school and their teachers. Communication is excellent. We are please with all after-school activities.

    Parent of Yr3 & Yr5 pupils. Spring Survey 2012

  • Testimonial:
    “Teaching is well matched to individual needs…….There is a good balance between adult-directed activities and those chosen by children for themselves. As a result, the children are confident learners……Children eagerly explore the exciting activities available and enjoy learning………

  • pupils showed resilience and a willingness to share their ideas with others in lessons.”

    Ofsted (October 2012)

  • Testimonial:
    We are pleased with the amount of help and support given to our children and the work of their teachers. The school also gives a lot of help to families which I appreciate.

    Parent of Yr1 & Yr2 pupils. Spring Survey 2012
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